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Kayla. 6 and 3 quarters, a big girl now. From my recent trip to Miami.  b a d c
UFO landing. What happens at night when I find bulb mode. :) b a d c
Derek and friend. @muhr42 Belize 2012. b a d c
Kimmy @kimmyc08 . Belize 2012 b a d c
Leisurely ride. Belize 2012 b a d c
Shooting with Lindsey.  b a d c
Another from our session. The many faces of Alicia @mocha_grl  b a d c
Alicia came to see me at the new studio a couple weeks ago for some promo head shots. Here’s one of my favourites.  b a d c
Roses.  b a d c
Toronto skyline b a d c
Where are you based? And I really love your photography.

Thank you! I’m in Toronto, Canada. Where are you?

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Financial district. Up high. b a d c
Pipe. b a d c
545 King St. Hallways. b a d c
Nuit Blanch 2012. Hermann & Audrey exhibit - Love & Light. b a d c
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